Ananzi and Mustek take Litte Leaps in special needs education

Ananzi, South Africa’s leading search engine and web portal, has joined with Mustek in sponsoring and installing computers in the Little Leaps school for special needs children.

Little Leaps ( is attached to Little Village Christian Nursery School in Centurion, and caters for the needs of children with communication disorders, and specifically autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). The school has a PC Lab in which the computers have been installed.

Helping to fill an educational gap

“Ananzi is especially proud to be a part of this heart-warming and much-needed initiative,” says Sharon Knowles, Online Media Manager for Ananzi – adding that while the school delivers an essential educational service to South African children with these communication disorders, it receives no government funding.

Mustek is South Africa’s leading branded assembler and distributor of PCs, notebooks and related products. Mustek’s retail sales division manager, Shereen James, concurs with Knowles: “This is one of the ways in which, as a successful South African company, we can make a contribution to the developmental needs of children who are too often overlooked. There are many ways in which computers can help with this, and we are only too pleased to be involved.”

A wider education contribution

The project also ties in with Ananzi’s broader education initiatives, the flagship of which is its Ananzi Education website that it runs in conjunction with edusphere. The website, which contains a wide range of educational aids covering curricula from pre-school to high school, can be found at It aims to support all learners in South Africa through the provision of curriculum material in a way that is both informative and fun.

An additional contribution to Little Leaps was made when Mr Stephen Easton from Tier One donated a TV and DVD player, which will also be put to goo