Bing and SEO

Here are a few more SEO tips to improve your rankings in Bing:

Optimise content for mobile: Bing, like Google, uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. Ensure your site is fully responsive or has a mobile version, and optimise content for small screens. This includes clear font sizes, minimal clutter, and functioning navigation.

•Increase dwell time: Bing considers metrics like average time on page, bounce rate, and pages visited per session. Work to increase dwell time and decrease bounced by producing in-depth, engaging content, optimised navigation, and related internal linking.

•Build local citations: For local SEO, focus on building citations on sites like BizCommunity, Clutch, SA Business Directory and Hotfrog SA. Bing indexes these local listings and uses them as a signal for local search rankings. Claim and optimise your business profiles and increase the number of high-quality local citations.

•Submit an XML sitemap: An XML sitemap helps Bing crawl your website more efficiently. Submit your sitemap through the Bing Webmaster Tools to improve indexation and visibility of new content. Update the sitemap as you publish new pages and blog posts.

•Interlink to other content: Use contextual internal linking between pages on your site. Where appropriate, link to other relevant blog posts, landing pages, or category pages. This helps pass authority between pages and signals to Bing the relationship between content on your site. But keep links natural and don’t over-optimise.

Consider Bing Ads: While SEO is ideal for organic rankings, Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising) can also help increase traffic and exposure. With an effective PPC campaign targeting your keywords, you’ll gain additional visits and Bing will see your site as more authoritative which may benefit organic positions.

Check Bing web results frequently: Monitor how your content ranks in Bing web results, especially for your target keywords. See if you can identify any fluctuations or trends to better understand how Bing views your authority and optimise accordingly. Track progress as you make changes and aim for steady improvements over time.

Optimising for Bing does take work and budget, but the additional traffic and growth potential is worth the investment. With continual optimisations to content and technical SEO, building authority through links and citations, and supplementing with paid advertising, you can build a powerful presence in Bing search. Over time, you may find Bing becomes a key driver of new visitors and business.