Brands and Influencers that have found success on Rumble

Here are a few instances of brands and influencers who have found success on Rumble:

Infowars: On Rumble, the Infowars channel has over 185K subscribers and over 38 million video views. Infowars can publish content on Rumble that is prohibited on other platforms.

Rebel News: Rebel News is a Canadian news organisation that grew its audience on Rumble after experiencing censorship concerns on YouTube. They have over 22 million views and 165K subscribers.

•Natural News: Natural News is an alternative health organisation that built a sizeable fan base on Rumble after being banned from YouTube. They have over a hundred thousand subscribers and 16 million video views.

Dane Wigington: Dane Wigington is an influencer known for bringing up contentious issues such as geoengineering and climate change. On Rumble, he has 108K subscribers and 16 million video views, compared to merely 1,600 on YouTube.

•Inessa S: With over 330K subscribers and 70 million views, Inessa S is a Rumble influencer in the health and wellness area. She left YouTube in 2019 due to content censorship.

Mike Adams: The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is a significant figure in the natural health industry. He established his audience on Rumble after being banned from YouTube and other platforms, amassing over 94K subscribers and 8 million video views.

•Red Ice TV: Red Ice TV is a popular alternative media station that began on YouTube but relocated to Rumble in 2019 due to censorship concerns. Rumble already has over 165K subscribers and 36 million views.

As you can see, many alternative media organisations, news pundits, and health influencers who felt marginalised on mainstream platforms have found a home on Rumble. Rumble is an appealing alternative for comparable channels and influencers that want greater creative flexibility and control over their content and monetisation.

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