Showmax on Apple TV and Chromecast

Don’t have a smart TV? Don’t worry – you don’t need one, even if you want to stream the 25 000+ series, movies, documentaries and kids’ shows available on Showmax on your big screen. If you have a big-screen TV and a streaming media player, whether it’s an Apple TV or Google Chromecast, all you need is your Read more about Showmax on Apple TV and Chromecast[…]

Mobile App of the year

The mobile app of the year promises to rethink your basic phone’s contact list. It’s called Humin and offers Iphone users the chance to combine contacts, voice-mail and calling all in one clever phone app.While this doesn’t sound so revolutionary, as many third party apps already offer this service but the key difference is that this app organises your contacts based on their relationship to you.