How to Use Flyers, Postcards and Brochures to Promote Your Business

Flyers, postcards, and brochures are great ways to promote your business. They might seem old-fashioned, but they can be very beneficial depending on what type of business you have. It’s relatively inexpensive to use this marketing method, so it won’t hurt to try it for your business too.

  • Create Excellent Material – Don’t just slap together a fifth-grade version to stick on a bulletin board. Instead, hire a graphic designer and a copywriter to make professional versions of these marketing materials that you can be proud to use. An online service like Online Retail Consultants would be able to assist. Online Retail Consultants –
  • Include Customer Testimonials – In brochures and flyers, use customer testimonials to help the recipient or viewer understand the value of your services or products better.
  • Use Full Colour – Do not cheap out and print it in black and white. You hired a graphic designer; let them help match your branding with the flyers, postcards, and brochures that they create.
  • Ask before Posting – Always ask a business before putting your flyer or brochure anyplace in their business. If possible, you can offer a trade. Let them sign the flyer or brochure or put a stamp on it so you know who sent the new client. Then you can give them a discount on services, or send them a thank you note.
  • Use a Service – When using postcards in your business, it’s better to use a service like SendOutCards or Postable to save time on addressing. Plus, you can easily repeat your order and update your address book. With SendOutCards you can even upload your own handwriting as a font.
  • Send to People You Meet – If you meet someone who gives you their information, you can send them a brochure or postcard in the mail. It’s a great way to remind them about your products or services.
  • Chamber of Commerce – Most local chambers of commerce offer the ability to include a flyer in a mailer that goes out to all members monthly. In some areas, it’s called a Chamber Pack or Mailer. Check with your local chamber. You will have to be a member to participate but it can be worth it depending on the type of business you have.
  • Anniversaries or Birthdays – Send a customer a postcard if they have a work anniversary, a customer anniversary, or a birthday, to help them celebrate it. Include a discount on their next order to sweeten the deal.
  • Mail Them to Existing Customers – Your customers, even if you have a mostly online business, will like to see your brochure or flyer. Mailing a flyer will differentiate you from the rest who send everything via email. But, you can also send things via email with a link to the PDF download on your website.

You can get great deals from online print shops and even local print shops for your brochures, flyers and postcards if you look around. You can also find graphic designers who aren’t that high priced on, and in the communities, you hang out online. You can even try or using to do it yourself if you want to.

The important thing is that it looks professional, sends the message you want it to, and that you place them in the hands of the people who will use the information.