An idea on how to make a million bucks

You go into business to make money, making a million bucks is a bonus and takes many hours of intense thought about how it can be achieved.

Some of us surf the net looking for great ideas and that is why I thought I would share the article with you. It simplifies the concept of a million bucks into a solution that appears doable.

Thank you to the anonymous person who first created the image, I have now recreated it and converted the $ to R to make my followers happier. Some of them are a little OCD at times.

Here is the breakdown:

To make a million dollars, you need…
• 5,000 people to buy a R200 product
• 2,000 people to buy a R500 product
• 1,000 people to buy a R1,000 product
• 500 people to buy a R2,000 product
• 300 people to buy a R3,333 product

Or alternatively…
• Get 5,000 people to pay R17 a month for a year
• Get 2,000 people to pay R42 a month for a year
• Get 1,000 people to pay R83 a month for a year
• Get 500 people to pay R167 a month for a year
• Get 300 people to pay R278 a month for a year

That looks achievable right?

Go and read Jon’s blog because that’s where I found it.