Mobile apps and their benefits

If your company is not mobile friendly, it’s time to consider looking into mobile packages. Seonomix designs mobile websites and mobile apps at affordable prices.

Your small business could greatly benefit from a well-designed mobile app, as the average mobile user spends 80 percent of their time on apps and just 20 percent on their mobile browser. Creating a good app for your business could cost you less than the cost of a small newspaper advert. Seonomix can provide a 24/7 mobile CRM and marketing platform for your business, that will deliver immediate and lasting results.

Mobile apps can build loyalty and reinforce your brand, as well as increase your visibility and accessibility across mobile devices.

Seonomix offers a competitive pricing structure, with a once off upfront design and development fee, and a small monthly management and hosting fee.

Seonomix offers the following mobile services:

• App designs, development and technical installation
• Iphone apps
• Ipad apps
• Android apps
• HTML mobile websites
• QR codes
• Itunes submission
• More than 45 app features to select from
• Google play submission and more.

It’s worth noting that more than 65 percent of users said they have used their mobile device to find a business to make a purchase. Isn’t time your business took advantage of mobile development?

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Read the latest news from the Mobile Marketing Association South Africa

The mobile marketing association state on their website that with 128% mobile penetration in South Africa, there are more active SIM cards than there are people in this country. Which begs the question – just what are we using our phones for? 

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Fiona Potgieter of Yonder Media states that Mobile phones are changing the way the mass market live in and engage with the world. It has become an always-on companion and it gives consumers access to more information, more content, and more option.