Winter is coming via social media

The popular TV series, Game of Thrones aired its fourth season première this month. The winter is coming season has proved to be the most popular topic of conversation on Twitter, with more than 500,000 tweets to date.  The producers have cleverly structured each episode, to leave viewers excited with cliff-hangers and plot twists. Social media hashtags have paved the way to getting the hype going about the latest season, says the HBO network.

They have not even had to start the conversation themselves, but have relied on fans to share their thoughts via hashtags such as #redwedding, #winteriscoming  #TaketheThrone and #GameofThrones. Twitter has proved to be an effective way for Game of Thrones fans to connect and get the conversation started.

Twitter is not the only social media site where Game of Thrones has been a popular topic. Hootsuite decided to make a spoof video of the series, by making social media sites such as Facebook, Google+. Youtube, Twitter and so on, medieval Game of Thrones kingdoms. The video entitled, Game of Social Thrones was published on their website. The video shows various social kingdoms across the social media landscape. It has been brilliantly done and even has the Game of Thrones sound track playing throughout the clip as well as the seven kingdoms. You can view the video here: Game of Thrones Parody. Hootsuite describes their video as ‘a quiet battle being fought between many social networks, who are building walls and blocking access between their respective sites and apps.

Game of Thrones Cast

Game of Thrones Cast

David Griner who wrote the article entitled, Social networks are kingdoms at war in beautifully crafted Game of Thrones homage, goes on to say that “most self-promotions are works of attention-seeking desperation. This one’s practically a work of art.” He is not far wrong either, the attention to detail is incredible and the Hootsuite video was done almost completely in house. Many may see the video as just a parody trying to get attention or self-promotion, but I have to disagree the detail and thought that has gone into the video, definitely deserves some credit.

Have you been watching the Game of Thrones fourth season yet? If so do you share in the conversations on social media, or do you steer clear to avoid any spoiler alerts?