Facebook now adds video content.

Facebook recently added a very useful tool to their social platform, the embedded video player. This means that people can insert and view a video on Facebook, without having to go to other sites such as YouTube.

Facebook pages for brands will find this most useful, as fans can view video content without leaving your page. This also means brands can better track their analytics through Facebook.  When posting a public video on a Page you can get the embed the video directly to your  Timeline or as a status update.

Robert Kyncl, head of content and business operations at YouTube said: “the arrival into the market of Facebook,  and the disappearing messaging app Snapchat and Twitter’s video app Vine is a sign that online video is “becoming mainstream”, but none of them would derail  YouTube.”

The only downside to Facebook videos is that they tend to buffer and take quite a long time to load. That being said Facebook is thrilled with the new app, as people will stay on Facebook longer. Optimizing Facebook is key to evolving along with other social platforms that focus on video content. Will you be sharing your  video content with Facebook rather than YouTube in the future,  let us know?