Facebook Shopping

If you have been on Facebook recently, you will have noticed adverts to use Shopify, a software system that allows you to sell your products on your Facebook page. Customers can even share their favourite products or purchases with their friends.

Online shopping has become popular in South Africa lately, with websites like Take a lot, Kalahari and Artville selling goods at excellent prices. The question is, if you have a business would you want to sell them on your Facebook page?

The upside to this new software tool, is that businesses can reach more people and drive more traffic to their personal website. Facebook ads can be costly but Shopify is a free app, which could equal to more customers. The unfortunate downside to this app, is that you cannot post on your business Facebook page and only on your personal timeline. For many this would be a drawback as nobody wants everyone to see their personal Facebook page. Another downside, is that the app does not work on mobile devices, which is where the majority of South Africans view Facebook on a daily basis.

To set up a store is quick and easy and allows for real time updates to products. You can also customise your page, by adding a banner and various columns for products. There is also an option to showcase various collections of your products.

This app is definitely worth trying out, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot on advertising and although there are definite drawbacks, the general concept for small businesses is fantastic.

To find out more info visit their website: www.support.shopify.com or find them on Facebook