Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Business

Using business promotion materials is a common way to promote a business. Its been done for a long time because it actually works. In the trade, they are called business premiums. Some of the materials you will use within your business, such as envelopes, stationery, jump drives, mugs and even staplers, but others you can give to clients to use so that they don’t forget about you.

  • Branded Envelopes – Getting branded envelopes isn’t much more expensive than getting regular envelopes, but when you send out mail, it will make a difference when they see your branding on that envelope to whether they open the mail or not. (This is if you still send printed mail)
  • T-Shirts or Clothing – While wearables can be risky business due to different styles and sizes, for some businesses this is a perfect way to promote their business. If you have a food-related business or casual business, you may find hats, aprons, oven mitts or something like that useful as a marketing tool.
  • Coffee Mugs – Even if people don’t drink coffee, a branded mug is something they generally appreciate because they can use it for a number of things – even as paperclip holder if they want to. A lot of people even collect mugs.
  • Mouse Pads – Everyone uses mousepads, so they make a great way to promote your brand. The people using it will see your logo on a daily basis and think of you. Having your business on the top of their mind, even if subconsciously, is a huge win.
  • USB Sticks – If you have a tech business, give a branded USB stick with some marketing material or something interesting on it (which is erasable so they can still use the stick). It’s a great way to get something useful that’s also inexpensive.
  • Sponsorships – This might not seem inexpensive, but you can find local charities to support that doesn’t cost much to sponsor but that will get your name out into the community – and perhaps even on a speaker’s list. Usually, they will take your brochures, flyers and other premiums as well to give out to people.
  • Freebies and Giveaways – Many clubs need freebies and giveaways as prizes for games. Why not donate some of your unused premiums to them for that. College clubs are great starts for this. Look at the club that most matches your business.
  • Local Advertising – It may cost a lot less than you think to advertise locally. You can get a radio spot or a mention on your local PBS station with a relatively low sponsorship rate. To see if it works, have them go to a website to sign up to get a free premium of some kind.

You can make all kinds of promotional materials work for your organisation. It doesn’t matter if your business is online or offline today. Most consumers expect to get more for their money today than ever before. If you seek to over-deliver, and surprise them with something no one else is doing, you’ll win their vote and money.