Measuring Your Success On Pinterest

If there’s one thing that everyone involved in inbound or online marketing knows, metrics are key when it comes to determining just how successful your marketing efforts are.  Pinterest is one social media site that has risen to fame quite quickly, and has been a bit of a mystery for a lot of folks who use this now 3rd most popular social network.  How can one measure how well they’re performing on Pinterest?  Or is it even possible?

Thankfully, marketers can now get a good in-depth look at just how well their efforts on this image-based site are paying off with a brand new Pinterest analytics tool.

Your Measurement Focal Points

When it comes to Pinterest, you want to be looking at two basic things:

1)    How well is my Pinterest account doing on Pinterest?  Are people engaging with the brand?  Is my following growing?  How’s my overall reach?

2)    Is my Pinterest account playing an active role in the contribution to my overall marketing? Marketers and business owners need to understand just what role Pinterest plays when it comes to driving your business.

The Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

Once you log into Pinterest, select the drop-down menu on the right hand corner of you switch (and if you haven’t switched over to the “new look” yet,make sure you do so).  If you’ve just chosen the “new look”, click “Okay” and then you’ll be able to find the “Analytics” option in the drop down menu.  You’ll now be presented with a number of different stats, starting with:

The average daily number of pins, as well as the daily average number of people who pin from you site:  This stat is important for one primary reason: trends.  You’ll be able to quickly visually see any trends in performance with your Pinterest.  You may find that your funny memes fare far better on Pinterest than your infographs, and vice versa.  This will help you determine what your best Pinterest content strategy will be.

The average daily number of times that pins from you site were repinned on Pinterest, as well as the average daily number of people who repinned your pins: With a Pinterest “pin”, you’re being told how many individuals are sharing the content that’s related to your account.  However, a repin will tell you exactly what content speaks to (or engages) your audience the most.  It’ll also give you an idea of how much crossover you’re getting from your website audience to your presence on Pinterest.

The average daily number of times your pins appeared on Pinterest in search results, on boards, or in the main feed: This stat will give you a good idea of how far your reach is on Pinterest.  It will tell you basically just how many times your pins are showing in the main feed, how much you content is showing up in search results, and how many times that content is being pinned and/or repinned on Pinterest boards.

The average daily number of people who viewed your pins:  This metric will give you a good idea of whether your visibility on Pinterest is growing or shrinking by telling you how many people saw your pins.

The average daily number of clicks to you website came from Pinterest:  If you want to know how well Pinterest is doing at directing traffic to your site, then this is the metric to be keeping an eye on.  This will give you a good general idea of how successful your overall Pinterest marketing campaign is.