Mobile App of the year

The mobile app of the year promises to rethink your basic phone’s contact list. It’s called Humin and offers Iphone users the chance to combine contacts, voice-mail and calling all in one clever phone app.While this doesn’t sound so revolutionary, as many third party apps already offer this service but the key difference is that this app organises your contacts based on their relationship to you.

Karissa Bell explains that “the app contextualizes the relationships you have with your contacts by displaying personal details about each individual, and organizing contacts based on their relationship to you, instead of alphabetically.”

While the app isn’t available yet, we reckon it will revolutionise the way we not only do business but the way in which we network, with friends, family and business associates.  Humin has been in the development phase for a year and half and while it is currently only available for IOS, developers reckon they will create an android version as well. The app will make its debut in the US App Store in a few weeks.

Would you download this app? Let us know your thoughts.

For more information check out their website: