April 17, 2022

Social Platform Packages

Nowadays, social media is much more than a few posts here and there. It’s an enthralling relationship of marketing science and storytelling art. We’re expert marketers and storytellers at SeoNomix, and we’re ready to transform your social media into a marketing tool so effective you’ll think it’s from a fairy tale.

Each social media subscription listed below has been tailored to your specific budget. The subscription fees are all-inclusive and are due on a monthly basis. Get in touch with us to get started.

Just the burger

R600 per month

  • 8x Image Posts
  • Post to Facebook and Instagram (2x weekly).
  • Report
  • All work is signed off.

Burger and Chips

R1500 per month.

  • 8x Image Posts
  • 4x Content posts
  • Post to Facebook and Instagram
  • Report
  • All work is signed off.

Burger, chips & juice

R3500 per month.

  • 12 x Image Posts
  • 4x Content Posts
  • Content Mapping
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Report
  • All work is signed off.

Need to chat to the Chef about a customised package?

We can build a package for you, just let us know what you require using the form below.