Are You Hiding in Plain Site?

Are you hiding in plain site?

Enhance your online presence with great niche-related features These days, any serious business owner with a brain in their head has a website or blog to help market their business. A website with your own domain name (URL) establishes a professional online presence and offers a central hub for all of your online and offline […]

How Should You Position Your Personal Brand?

How Should You Position Your Personal Brand?

There are many different ways you can position your brand in the market. Each will attract a different kind of clientele. How do you position your personal brand to attract the ideal kind of clients? Here are a few different brand positions to choose from.

Five Trust-Hindering Mistakes to Avoid

Trust is much more easily destroyed than it is built. Building trust is like building a sandcastle – it’s incredibly beautiful when it’s built, but just one mistake could wash it all away.

How Social CRM Software Can Help You Create Brand Loyalists

Marketers and business owners are always on the hunt for new and exciting leads, but who they often forget about are the customers that they already have.  What happens to those customers that you’ve already converted?  More often than not, those customers simply fall through the cracks.  Sure, you may add them to your email […]