Facebook Home: Well-Built Or A Big Bust?

Not too long ago, Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerburg unveiled Facebook’s newest endeavour:  Facebook Home.  This feature, created to meet the demands of the over one billion users who use Facebook almost every day (with the majority of them now accessing this social media site through mobile devices and smartphones), has been built to further encourage a user’s interaction with other Facebook users on this already booming social network.


10 mistakes made on Facebook pages

People often make mistakes made on their Facebook pages or in Social Media Marketing when trying to get their business into the marketplace. Follow this simple advice from Social Bakers. 1. Post too many times a day on Facebook The recommended number of posts for brands is about 1 – 2 posts per day, for media companies, this can be 5 – 10 posts Read more about 10 mistakes made on Facebook pages[…]

The Soft-Skills Approach To Your Social Strategy

The first thing to embrace on entering the online space is the notion of conversation versus monologue. As much as a brand will choose to be on a given platform to advertise its goods and services, the big difference with traditional advertising spaces is that the user WILL interact with you directly, and with much Read more about The Soft-Skills Approach To Your Social Strategy[…]

What is Social media

What is social media? This whole great wave of what people are calling social media and social strategies seem to have bombarded many businesses who all now seem to be scrambling to climb on to the bandwagon Social media is conversation with your peers and sharing information that you find relevant to your brand or Read more about What is Social media[…]