Ten top tips for small businesses

Owning your own business can be risky but with a few strategic tips, your business can be successful and easy to manage.

Budget minded– It can be difficult to build a customer base, employ new staff and establish cash flow, while not blowing your business’s budget. Become savvy by creating a financial budget, knowing what funds you have available and knowing where to reduce expenses.


Be passionate– If you want your business to succeed, it is really important to be passionate about your business. The most successful entrepreneurs, eat, breathe and sleep their business, even if they think it may fail.

Focused– It is easy to be distracted when it comes to running and managing a business and day to day events. Focusing on one project or goal at a time, as well as looking at the larger picture can help when it comes to accomplishing goals.

Routine– Having a daily routine such as first checking your emails, making notes, and keeping a diary can help keep you on top of things.

Goal-oriented– Having short and long term goals is the key to a successful business. Making SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time oriented) will help you on the road to success.

Know your competitors– Staying ahead of the competition will ensure your business will always strive.

Smile– It may sound silly but people like others who are friendly and a smile sure does go a long way, especially when it comes to business.

Thank your customers– Remember your customers are the reason you have a good business. Thank them whenever you can, particularly for their loyalty and continued support.

Social media– We all know if you’re not on social media, you aren’t fully using your potential to raise awareness about your business. Set up a Facebook and Twitter page, this will also help to monitor what people think of your brand.

Stay positive– You would not believe how far optimism goes in terms of your business. Staying upbeat even when there are small problems will help you go a long way.