Top Brands in SA

As South Africans, we tend to be very brand loyal and it seems local really is lekker.

The latest Mxit Brand Index has been released, revealing the Top 40 South African brands on 31 May 2014.

They top brands of 2014 as voted by SA consumers are:

  • Top media brand: Super Sport
  • Top sports brand: Nike football
  • Top fast food brand: KFC
  • Top banking brand: FNB
  • Top retail brand: Pep Cell
  • Top mobile brand: Telkom Mobile

The majority of brands on the list have strong brand values and a strong emotional connection with their customers. Brands such as Super Sport, FNB and Nike football, all have a strong online presence with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Mxit, etc. This helps them to keep their brand identity current and enables them to engage with consumers on a daily basis.

Fast food brand KFC has maintained its popularity with TV ads, and a good digital presence.   KFC has had a growth of 65,770 new subscribers to the Mxit app.

Top banking brand FNB has been voted as the best bank for a second year in a row. “Voted as the most innovative bank in the world, FNB has been recognised as a company that provides fresh and innovative products and solutions for all South Africans. Through our products, services and campaigns we tap into the customer consciousness both on the emotional and rational level and ensure that we are in tune with what our customers’ needs and wants are,” explains Samuels.

Our favourite South African brands consistently strive to have good brand appeal and provide a consistent consumer experience.